VisionAire BNF with AS3X Technology (PKZ6580) by Parkzone

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Produttore: Parkzone
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VisionAire BNF with AS3X Technology by ParkZone (PKZ6580)

The ParkZone® VisionAire™ park flyer is specifically designed for sport pilots by 3D pioneer, Quique Somenzini. Its wings are constructed of hollow Z-foam™ material that has been reinforced with carbon fiber to create structures that are stiffer and lighter than solid foam. This rigid, lightweight airframe is paired with a powerful 10-size, 1250Kv brushless motor that delivers the vertical performance you need for an exhilarating 3D flying experience.

What makes the VisionAire such a great 3D plane for sport pilots is the advanced AS3X® (Artifical Stabilization – 3-aXis) System built into its AR635 receiver. The AS3X System works behind the scenes to counter the effects of wind and turbulence, using 3-axis sensing and flight control software tuned by Quique Somenzini. If you’ve never flown 3D before, this enhanced stability will give you the confidence you need to try high alpha maneuvers like harriers, hovers, torque rolls and more.

You can adjust the amount of stability the AS3X System provides or turn it off completely, but even 3D pros will find flying with it on feels completely natural. There is no delay in control response or limits on the control throws. You’ll simply feel like you’re flying an expertly tuned model that goes right where you point it.

It has often been said that “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks” well when that saying is applied to flying r/c planes it might not really be true!

So how does that work out then? Well a lot of it must be could well be down to the amazing VisionAire model from ParkZone that I had the chance to fly briefly a few days ago.

As a long time aero modeller and traditional balsa basher I have flown most types of models and in more recent times and in previous years I flew mostly large petrol powered warbirds.

Nonetheless I have been quite amazed at the developments that have taken place within the hobby, not the least has been the advances in the electric models in particular. When I think back to the earlier times of using a second hand 540 “buggy motor” and a heavy NiCad flight battery coupled with the precious few minutes of flight that was obtained, the flights that today’s electric models offer is quite amazing.

Anyway back to teaching an “old un” and the particular model used.

The VisionAire is a ready to fly electric powered, foam construction shoulder wing model that is filled with the very latest hi-tech wizardry to help pilots maximise the fun the can have whilst flying. Aimed at pilots intermediate to experienced pilots looking to advance their flying skills and get into more extreme 3D aerobatics.

The hi-tech wizardry I refer to is normally installed in micro foam models and by its very nature allows these otherwise “twitchy” models to flown outdoors.Known as AS3X this clever system automatically makes constant and simultaneous minor adjustments to the 3 axis flight control surfaces

reducing the workload for the pilot whilst at the same time allowing the pilot to progress towards more extreme flight.

In truth its all a bit too far “out there” for me to get my aged head round, if its’ got wings and a motor it will fly! At least until it can be trimmed out or it crashes was a message handed down to me by earlier wise men in modelling so what the heck, lets give this foamie a go!

Wow, what a surprise, the first thing that took me was how smooth the model was, so smooth that at first I thought the feedback from the sticks was a bit on the slow side however, after a few circuits I guessed that the electronics were doing a grand job of smoothing out any disturbances to the model quicker than I could input corrections.

A few crisp rolls proved the models aerobatic prowess whilst the slow speed handling inspired confidence on the landing approaches.

All in all a very competent package with the added convenience of having all of the hard work done for you, a decent size, good flight duration and what promised to be an exciting flight envelope made this particular foamie a delight to fly.

As I said at the beginning I only had a short flight with the model but I can honestly say that I was very impressed, it was smooth, lively and had enough performance to reveal its’ true potential.

Could it enhance my flying skills? undoubtedly, could it do “what it says on the tin” and take me from basic aerobatics forward to 3D flight? most probably, and would I like another flight with it?

You bet I would!

360° View



  • Spektrum™ AR635 DSMX® receiver with AS3X® System, installed
  • Powerful 10-size BL outrunner, 1250Kv, installed
  • E-flite® 40A Pro Switch-Mode ESC with 5A BEC, installed
  • E-flite 13-gram digital micro servos, installed
  • Clear belly window for monitoring AS3X System status
  • Carbon-reinforced Z-Foam™ construction
  • Leading-edge vortex generators
  • Double-beveled hinges for large control surface throws
  • Durable wire landing gear and large wheels for flying off grass
  • Two piece wing for easy transportation and repair
  • Sharp, Mirco Pecorari signature trim scheme
  • Includes 3S 2200mAh 25C Li-Po battery
  • Includes 2- to 3-cell DC variable rate charger
  • Requires a full-range 4+ channel DSM2®/DSMX aircraft transmitter, sold separately

Needed To Complete

  • A 4+ channel full-range DSM2- or DSMX-compatible transmitter


  • Wingspan:  45.0 in (1143mm)

  • Overall Length:  42.5 in (1088mm)

  • Wing Area:  539 sq. in. (34.8 sq. dm.)

  • Flying Weight:  43.7 oz (1240 g)

  • Motor Size:  10-size BL10 brushless outrunner, 1250Kv (installed)

  • Radio:  AR635 6-channel DSMX AS3X sport receiver (installed)

  • Servos:  (4) 13 g digital high-speed servos (installed)

  • Trim Scheme Colors:  Blue, red

  • CG (Center of Gravity):  4.5 in (115mm) back from the leading edge of wing at wing root

  • Wing Loading:  11.7 oz/sq. ft. (35 g/sq. dm.)

  • Prop Size:  12 x 4

  • Spinner Size:  1.57 in (40mm)

  • Speed Control:  40-Amp Lite Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless (installed)

  • Recommended Motor Battery:  11.1V 3S 2200mAh 25C Li-Po (included)

  • Control Throw (Ailerons):  Low: 70% up/down, 15% expo; High: 100% up/down, 25% expo

  • Control Throw (Elevator):  Low: 70% up/down, 15% expo; High: 100% up/down, 20% expo

  • Control Throw (Rudder):  Low: 70% right/left, 10% expo; High: 100% right/left, 15% expo

  • Charger:  2-3 cell DC Li-Po balancing charger

  • Main Wing Tube Length:  350mm

  • Main Wing Tube OD:  16mm

  • Tail Wing Tube Length:  280mm

  • Tail Wing Tube OD:  8mm

  • Is Assembly Required:  Yes

  • Plane Type:  Aerobatic & 3D

  • Experience Level:  Intermediate

  • Power Plant Size:  10-15 Electric

  • Recommended Environment:  Outdoor

  • Fuel Type:  Electric


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